Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I thought that this would be a good day for Daniel to be born, not his due date (9/11) or tomorrow (9/10) as the last 2 dates have very negative memories for me. 9/10 was the day my tumor was discovered almost a year ago. But does he listen to me, no, not much.

Today while I was running on a country road, a huge pick-up thought it would be fun to play chicken with me swerving towards me so I would have to jump into a ditch. Thanks for that.

Naomi's boyfriend changed his mind and wants her to move in with him next week. She is just so happy as she sees it as proof that he loves her but I see plenty of problems with this. He will have another roommate and possibly that roommates's girlfriend. Naomi had already arranged to move into a nicer place this winter with 2 girls, which I was OK with but Dontae surprised her last night with this bit of news. He also allegedly is saving up for a ring. She will not listen to me so the best tact is to just let her do it and see the problems for herself. I imagine she'll be back here in less than a month and then she could still go with Plan B.We had a long talk today including discussing how her life would not be changed for the better if she were to get pregnant. I am not sure I am getting through to her.

While we talked, the hummingbird flitted around oblivious to us. We did see a strange bug I never saw before. It was about 1.5 inches in diameter and consisted of black feathery petals with white tips. She thought it was a flying spider but it's 'petals' did not look like legs-very, very thin. I thought at first it was a cottonwood seed but black. All this rain has rotted several of my plants.

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