Monday, September 21, 2009


Yesterday my friend and I were riding bikes about 3.5 miles from my house when I noticed a large turquoise peacock on the top of a car. Someone used to raise them on one of my running paths years ago ( I was totally freaked out when I first heard their shrieks) but this was in another area. As we were riding, I could see black clouds rolling in quickly. We hadn't had rain in 2 weeks but for this week, every day it is forecasted. Still I got a run in early this morning in the mist. Towards the end of my run, a car pulled up along side of me and the driver said something about her hoping that 'he' didn't see me running . I focused through my rain-drop covered glasses to see that it was Naomi driving Dontae's car. She had driven him past me 5 minutes earlier (didn't notice). Apparently he likes to critique runners but fortunately for her, his attention was on his cellphone. She stayed around for me to help for her math test tomorrow and to pick up the microwave Steve bought for her.

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