Saturday, September 5, 2009

ieri (yesterday)

I prefer the word 'domani' or even better 'dopodomani' (the day after tomorrow) as they are easier for this one to pronounce. I am still listening to my tapes to keep the Italian cadences fresh in my mind. Still I can only trill my 'r's occasionally. This is one thing that Naomi excelled at -rolling her 'r's in Spanish. Understanding the grammar, e.g. figuring out when to use soy vs estoy, not so much.

She did like her art glass earrings from the Corning Glass Museum. I served some of the rainbow cookies she requested to the moms last night as she has stopped eating treats. She looked healthy at 155 but is down to 132 which might sound alot but she is very big boned and is slightly over 5'10".

Yesterday would have been Daniel's birthday if he hadn't insisted on coming out early. Presumably the fetus secretes some substance that initiates labor. Perhaps he has tired of being in his awkward position (one leg up by his ears, the other leg down-when they pulled on one leg, the other got stuck).

I had a pleasant 3 hour lunch with a former colleague yesterday. Screw the salads, I went for the Casey Burger for the first time in a long time. If that wasn't bad enough, I had the moms over later for appetizers and drinks. Lots of little goodies though one made a healthy Caprese salad.It was a nice night out and we sat out way past dark lit up only with my solar light collection. The mosquitoes weren't too bad but during the day, the yellow jackets have become pesky before the time they usually do. I wish I could find their nests and get rid of them. I still see a hummingbird once a day-not nearly as much as one of the other moms who has several buzzing around her flowers and feeders at any one time.

Will need to run plenty today to atone.

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