Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daniel update

The little sweetie is now 2 weeks old. He lost a lot of weight initially due to his prematurity but has almost gained it back and is doing well. He still has to be wakened up to eat sometimes during the day but is gradually becoming more alert. His dad is taking two weeks of paternity leave to help with Oliver.

I am loving the cool, dry air in the morning making my runs so much easier. I do miss the flatness of the seashore but here there is no concrete.

I am back to helping Naomi with her classwork. She likes her teachers and knows so many kids there. Not sure what her plans are to move out. She has been told that she needs to pay for an apartment herself meaning she needs a job. The place that has tentatively agreed to hire her still hasn't opened due to they say, problems getting utilities. Her potential roommate is not in good financial shape either. She came over 7 am yesterday needing to use our computer. Still I rather have her share a place with this girl than the boyfriend.

Next on my agenda is to plan my Italian trip next month and brush up on my Italian.

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Teri B. said...

molto bene?
I am so lost on the Italian...I remember nothing except "cafe correcto" Uh oh. Maybe our young adults will surprise us while we are a good way...


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