Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Blues

Labor Day always makes me sad-end of summer and and the beginning of homework to supervise. As my children are now all adults, the homework supervision days should have been coming to an end but Naomi needs lots of help.

Today is humid and drizzly but the last few days have been beautiful. Yesterday I went for a 25 mile bike ride with a friend who just started riding after a 35 year break. I figured rail trails should be a good beginning as the grade is never more than what a train can handle (about 3%) but there was a good size hill in between the two trails we rode. No wind though (nothing worse than riding into a head wind for miles). I used to ride quite a bit doing centuries (100 mile rides), multiday rides, some with Naomi and Josh though not together both strong riders, and doing triathlons but haven't rode for a while, in part due to the broken arm and then chemo balance problems. I did test my balance yesterday and it's back to normal. But Josh left the bike maladjusted and I didn't have time to fiddle with the brake rubbing the front tire slightly (at least the tires were pumped) so I got even a better workout. I was quite stiff today as I started my run but fortunately loosened up. I ran into 3 police cars surrounding the house of a high school friend of Shanna's. Must be a story behind that.

I have lots of morning glory vines twining all over the place but no blossoms or even buds. This is the first time that happened. I do have a stunted plant that was in the shade that has buds. I'll be sad when the frost hits killing most of my flowers. Last year that didn't happen until late October.

We went out to dinner with Josh and Julia and her sister last night. Good times.

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Sara Williams said...

It must be lovely to exercise without being wiped out totally, I am looking forward to that so much. x


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