Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Road to Hell is not paved with good intentions...

I now have enough hair for 'helmet hair'

We went to Hell today, a very small village in Michigan popular with bikers, both the motorized and unmotorized ones. Home of the Dam Site Inn (there is a dam).

It was a nice day to bike as there was no wind. In Michigan, they are gradually converting abandonned rail roads to public rightaways. There is alot of resistance to this from adjacent property owners but for the public as a whole, they are a good thing. The Lakeland trail is for bikers, runners, walkers, equestrians and in the winter, skiers and snow mobiles. A good portion has been paved, then there was a section of hard packed dirt but it finally became a sandy pit that was very difficult to ride through. Finally I proposed we take some dirt roads and go to Hell as my friend never has been. She is new to biking and thus to Hell but every year, there is the Ride through Hell. For runners, there are various Runs through Hell and in the winter, there's a run called When Hell Freezes Over. I've done them all. Yeah I know Hell, all 400 square feet of it. It is surrounded by state land and a UM nature preserve so the area is really pretty.

So we went close to 26 miles. This time we were prepared with gloves and gel seats so we'll be less sore. Biking is different than running for me. It is much more relaxing but it takes so much longer to get the same workout.

We stopped at a farmer's stand where I bought a basketball size bright yellow cauliflower. I've seen orange, green and purple but never bright yellow and never so big. I cooked up a small part of it. Very tasty.

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