Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hot Tatas

When I first was about to have chemotherapy, I read about cold caps that would cool the scalp. Cooler areas get less blood flow and thus less chemo. One could possibly preserve one's hair this way. But if for some rare reason, the cancer had metastasized to the scalp, the cancer wouldn't get the chemo either. Some recommend sucking on popsicles during chemo to lessen moth sores. I sucked on lemon Popsicles to try to mask the taste of the Red Devil. So creepy to taste it!

But if cold decreases chemo to a given area, wouldn't the inverse be true? Recent research shows that indeed it is. Presumably warming the area that the cancer is thought to be in increases its exposure to chemo with much better results. Thus the tata warmer!

It is so nice not to have a sensitive scalp anymore. It was so sensitive that the little hair I had hurt it by its weight. I never could let the shower hit my scalp directly.


Sara Williams said...

Sorry I havent been around much but this radiotherapy lark is sapping my energy and time.

I didnt bother with the cold cap because 1. it would increase my time spent in the unit and 2. I hate the cold.

Would I have the cold cap now if I had to do it again? Most definately NO

What are hot tatas??

Daria said...

Apparently, our clinic used to have the cold caps but no more.

I believe in the province of Manitoba, the clinic uses cold gloves the socks to prevent chemo nails.

And now a tata warmer ...

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Hi Sara

Tatas are just another crude name for breasts. The Spanish call them 'tetas'. There was actually a show in South America called Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso (without breasts, there is no paridise).
The name tata makes me laugh as it is the name of Naomi's best friend who is Filipino (doesn't have that meaning in her language). Also in Arabic, it is the name for the paternal grandma (spelled tata but pronounced tayta) Oliver has a tata but I'm the d.


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