Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aetna sux redux

I finally heard from Aetna concerning the denial of my port check x-rays amounting to about $1300. When I had radiation, they would take daily x-rays to make sure I lined up so I would be zapped in the right place. But Aetna says I am only allowed 2 per 5 day period and that I should have known that and should have questioned the operators. I shouldn't have assumed that they knew what they were doing. My physician wrote that these port checks were medically necessary but Aetna didn't address that. It just repeated that they would pay no more than 2 x-rays per week. The website I was supposed to consult has absolutely no information about radiation treatment and its requirements. Nevermind I saved these idiots money by having the 3 week treatment vs the 6-7 week program standard in the US. My letter of denial was written in such obtuse language, I could not understand it beyond the fact my appeal is denied. My former company has a plan administrator who is dealing with this now. I am not optimistic.

Aside of the terror of a possible early death and very delibitating, humilating treatments, cancerfest has the additional bonus of financial aggravations. I am lucky that I had good insurance for most of the treatment. Unfortunately, I got stuck with Aetna since mid January with its high deductables, co-pays, and now denials for standard procedures. Argh!!!

I ran in the pouring rain this morning. As long as it is warm and not windy, I really don't mind but it is hard to see with my glasses all fogged. It turned into a thunderstorm right after I finished.

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