Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bras for 1 and 2/3 breasts

The above is an advertistment Naomi created for my daughter in-law's speciality pet store. This was when she thought she might become a graphic artist. Pictured on the left are the families' dogs including Spud as a pup (now a geezer pug) and Sunny. Sadly, though the store did great for a while, the economy did it in but it did provide employment for Naomi for a short while.

Certain things I hate to shop for but my bras were becoming quite raggedy and also all purchased BC. But finding one that deals with my now lop-sidedness was alot of fun. I suppose I can buy a partial prosthesis. Also I hate the harsh lighting that makes me look even scarier. I do appreciate the 'skinny' mirrors. You know, the ones that are just slightly distorted so you think, hey I don't look so fat in this so you buy it but when you get home, back to reality. But I'm all set for bras.

I notice now women with shorter hair than me who actually look like they have short hair on purpose not because they were fighting a deadly disease. It now is a loose salt and pepper afro. I can't believe this stuff on my head so unlike what I had before. Perhaps I can get Stephanie, my neglected hairdresser to deal with it before I go to Italy in 2 weeks. She once had a stint as a movie hair person. Two of her credits were Escanaba in da Moonlight in which all the actors looked like they lived in deer camps forever and 61, a baseball movie in which all the principals had crew cuts. I'll be more of a challenge.

It was warmer and still as humid (dew point!) but a breeze made it more comfortable for running. Still I noticed I seem to be getting slower. Maybe I've exercised too many days without a break.

Baby Daniel is doing fine and grew a few chins so he is probably gaining weight. It turns out his hips were not damaged by his weird position in utero or by the extremely rough attempts to extract him. His one leg was dark blue from the bruising as he was grabbed. He still has light blue eyes. This is Shanna's first week dealing with the boys alone but so far, so good though they are never asleep at the same time. Her friend since first grade and one of her bridesmaids is pregnant now after quite a struggle in which they were going to take a break from useless medical interventions and then it happened all by itself.

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