Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The color orange

my living room and dining room are mostly orange and blue
this used to hang outside at my old house. I don't have many places to hang things outside here

solar chicken ad one of the many patches of orange cosmos
orange glad though  swear I bought all red. The others seem to be orange too
Steve's bitmoji

I feel like I am playing hookie not exercising in the morning. But this afternoon I am meeting up with the bicycle posse in a state park near Josh's assuming my bike rack will work. Or I can shove it into my larger car. It will be hot but it is shaded and near lakes. I will wear my neck cooler, a cotton bag full of gel that holds water as an evaporative cooler. Plus if we go more than 15 miles, I will be surprised though I have to ride 2-3 miles from Josh's (and then back)

I have done nothing with my family tree awaiting cooler weather in which I don't have competing activities. Since they were able to correctly identify some of my 6th cousins just by little snippets of DNA, identifying a half sister should be no problem. I have a good friend who was adopted. Her parents went on to have 5 biological children. Her mom once told her that her adopted dad was actually her biological dad. He presumably had an affair with a woman who had no interest  in raising the resulting child. Her adoptive mom agreed to raise her as her own. Problem is, adoptive dad denied the whole story. Her sister is hesitant to do her DNA as she thinks my friend will be devastated if there is no biological bond. But my friend wants answers even though there is a chance she will be heart broken.

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Elephant's Child said...

I understand your friend's longing for answers. Any answer.


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