Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Trailhead in Rehoboth I spent a lot of time  this past week going back and forth on it. On this map they have the state park with its 'great' dune Ha! Come to Michigan for the really great dunes
Fun outside temps Saturday
Yesterday back over the Chesapeake Bay to DC. Currently I have insomnia at a friends house in Maryland. The long drive back will begin in a few hours once the considerable traffic clears though I will be going away from it

I watched more TV this past week than I have all year due to various circumstances like it being too damn hot to leave the house. Heat indices hit into the 120s for the last 3 days. The station seemed to be from a town named Delmarva, which I never heard of before. It later occurred to be that there was no such town and the station is meant to cover the Delaware, Maryland  and Virginia coasts. Delaware is very tiny. Its license proclaims First State. And the town of Lewes has signs  saying it is the first city in the first state

Two days later and I am home where it is finally wetter and cooler.

Saturday we met up with my friends' friends who were in town to have a house inspection in Rehoboth, a very pricy community. The house next to theirs rents for $16,000 a week. On the weekends, the main road is impassable and parking is expensive and hard to find so the bikes are the way to go. According to my gps based ap, it is 5.5 miles to the beachfront restaurant we met at though the last mile was dodging heavy traffic which we could go faster than. Problem was that it was ungodly hot and my friend does not do well whereas I am getting used to it. 5 miles of flat mostly shaded trail versus 60 miles of hills with no shade a few weeks ago. Really no skin off my teeth.  Didn't care for one of the friends who is very high up in a certain government agency who thought it would be fair if we'd split the bill equally after he had several margaritas and some deluxe entree whereas I don't drink alcohol when I am biking especially in the heat. if I knew that would be the only food I'd be offered in the next 24 hours aside from some stale pretzels I found for breakfast, I'd eaten more. We walked for almost a 40 minute round trip to see the house. Big mistake in the heat but much harder on my friend. I wish he had taken up the offer to be driven home. The bigwig's partner was actually nice to me, an oncologist specializing in blood cancers.  He had treated a celebrity successfully for a deadly and rare form of lymphoma. She responded well to therapy and thanked him on TV saying she is now cancer free He yelled at the TV
I NEVER said that

I guess it is bad manners to burst bubbles. Pointing out the difference between no sign of disease and being cancer free is worse than just being Ms, Pedantic.

I returned home quickly through the forest by myself. However it took forever for my friend and his partner to return as he was showing signs of heat stroke and IMHO water intoxication. He drank 2 quarts of water in that short distance. Unfortunately there was no food in the house. I guess I could have taken the bike to the other town to eat. I had stayed there too long but I was sort of trapped. I was very happy to be reunited with my car in DC and quickly drove to my high school friend in Maryland 30 minutes away.

I didn't think I was going to be able to see her. Her husband had taken a job out of state. As it was their anniversary and the commuter train she depends on to go to work was going to be shut down that week for repairs, it was a good week for her to visit him. However her home suddenly needed repairs that needed to be taken care of immediately and she ended up having to stay home. It had been 2 years since I saw her and we had lots to catch up on and we talked well into the night. It was very good to be with her and I wished I had spent more time there versus with being with Dr. Crabby who towards the end took offense at everything I said so I just was very quiet.

But it was fun for at least the first few days and I did go out on my own a lot of the time while he was having various issues.

By leaving late, I was able to miss the grand majority of traffic. By staying further north (though further east) I didn't have to be on that scary beltline that is a 12 lane parking lot a lot of the time. However I drove through torrential rains so bad I had to pull over in a twisty, hilly section of Pennsylvania as I couldn't see. And I hit Toledo during rush hour and road construction that also delayed me though not as badly as I anticipated. I had Steve to try to find which of the 3 possible routes didn't have construction on it but he is very bad at finding such info. It seemed to him all 3 paths were blocked.

So I've been back 2 days. The night I got back, I went right to bed and didn't wake until well into the next morning, a record sleep for me. I had arranged for friends to come over yesterday (when I thought I was going to be home 2 days earlier) so I prepared for that while unpacking.

Some things to be taken care of here.


Elephant's Child said...

$16000 a week? Shudder. And shudder at the heat. And Dr Crabby. It sounds like you had a very mixed break. I hope the positives triumphed.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

There is that adage about house guests and fish both stink after 3 days. If I had my car with me, I would have been gone. But the first few days were wonderful. And I was very happy to reconnect with my friend in Maryland who I wished I could have spent more time with.


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