Saturday, August 20, 2016

My unicorn

We (Steve!!) will put this over the fireplace to join my boar and cat heads. The artist is only 16 years old. I have found his Etsy site (Heads on a wall) where I can order more without having the gallery surcharge
Tooth waterfall Not a ringing endorsement for the dentist within

Daniel the birthday boy, blows out his candles the other night
I let a few morning glories live
cigar plant, a humming bird favorite. I had a yellow shrimp plant within but it disappeared while I was gone
I now have yellow dahlias too despite buying all red
bumblebee on zinnia

It's a sauna out there. I ran this morning in fog so dense, I couldn't see my house from the street. Days are getting shorter. Soon it will be fall, which I love but it is a short segue to gray, lifeless winter.

Steve and I made a trip to Northville to lunch at a cute crepe place and then visit art galleries where I bought my unicorn head. My favorite resale shop was closed again. I've been slowing down with the decorating but I still am looking for another tiffany-like lamp. And for a cool coffee table versus the oak boring 80s one we have.

Today's task: slice and dice vegetables to make ratatouille for the Moms tonight. The eggplant is soaking in saltwater to draw out bitterness and to prevent it from being a fat sponge.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love that zebra. An artist to watch.


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