Tuesday, August 9, 2016

On the beach

Steve thought Allie would like a life sized bear for her birthday 
Georgetown row houses
Georgetown university 
Steep stairs that the priest in The Exorcist died on
Crape myrtle in bloom all over DC
Bridge across the Chesapeake Bay
New beach house where I will be staying for a bit
The beach
I started my mind numbing journey here early Sunday making good time to DC in slightly over 8 hours giving us plenty of time to walk the steamy streets of Georgetown that afternoon full of very upscale shops. I got up early yesterday morning to run through the semitropical cicada humming streets up one street down another. My friend wanted us to go on a bike ride before we went to Delaware, on the Capital Crescent trail which I have run on many times but is tricky to get to through the neighborhoods. Too many sharp turns on narrow sidewalks and rocky paths for me on a skinny tire bike that had dicey brakes. We took it on the unpaved part between Bethesda and Chevy Chase to a bike shop to make a few quick repairs. Turns out I will be riding a different bike here in Delaware  I can see they have paths going all over the place here. I am skipping my run this morning to have a long bike ride instead once my friend gets up
We drove through Lewes last night it looks very New England settled by the Dutch in1617   very cute.  My friend had this house built just last year. Although it is probably worth about what ours is, the taxes are one tenth of ours.  Not sure where Delaware gets its money but many are finding it a good place to retire. My friend will eventually stay here full time but as his partner is still working in DC they will have 2 houses. It is very nicely decorated and has a screened in porch overlooking dense woods. We took a walk on the beach as the sun was setting. Very nice

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Elephant's Child said...

It looks like a lovely area - though those stairs are very, very steep.
Love the bear. I hope the recipient does too.
Have fun.


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