Saturday, August 13, 2016

Junction Breakwater Trail

Lewes Beach
Laughing full
Cute beach houses with fancy gardens. I like the frog statues. I was warned that the place I was staying was covered in tree frogs and the noise from them was deafening. My friend has a frog aversion. I like frogs and am disappointed that it is the wrong season for them
Crape myrtle. Everybody around here has at least one tree of it. Would not grow in Michigan 
Don't know what these are called. Smaller versions can be grown as an annual only at home
Lots of boats along the canal
I am amazed at how much Wild hibiscus grows around here
Historical house of some sort
Compulsive Sue would love to have an odometer on my borrowed bike. I use an app instead that maps where I've been. Downside: a battery drain
It is so hot and humid here.  Note outdoor temp.  Today is supposed to be hotter. I was out at 6 am to run and later we will ride bikes to Rehoboth and back as traffic on the roads especially on the weekends make car traffic and parking impossible

The junction breakwater trail runs zigzagging between Lewes and Rehoboth. It's about 7 miles long. I am staying closer to the Lewes side and fortunately near the section in deep woods so I can run in shade. I was told that my friend had no intention of exerting outside yesterday because of the heat so off I went by myself. A good ride

Tomorrow we return to DC where I will immediately go stay with a high school friend in nearby Maryland. Looking forward to seeing her. 

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Elephant's Child said...

I share your fondness for frogs. It is too long since I have seen (or heard) them.
Stay cool.


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