Thursday, August 11, 2016


One of the many alleyways off the Rehoboth Boardwalk
The beach
The boardwalk
Cool door back in Lewes
Steve has been busy picking my tomatoes back at home
Dahlias back at home
Old Dutch church which is now a museum
Seafoods restaurant in Lewes I had crab cakes
Church with cemetery 

Lewes and Rehoboth are about 5 miles apart. There is an incredibly busy road connecting them and running parallel in the dense woods, a bike path which I've been spending plenty of time on either running or biking. The bike I have been provided with here is much nicer than the DC bike. It's been so hot here and more humid than Michigan. At least there we have a bit of coolness in the early morning before it gets steamy. No coolness here. We have also spent time in the pool in the evening. so a bit of time spent shopping and sightseeing. I've been enjoying myself

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Elephant's Child said...

Very pretty - and I am glad to hear you are enjoying yourself.


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