Sunday, August 28, 2016

August, die she must

barn sale tile that looks good in guest bathroom
and the primitive doll which has pieces of copper ore attached
perhaps the blue is too bright to match the rest of my orange and blue room
pink skies last night
lots of pink cleome along with yellow dahlia
finally more than one bloom on the tropical hibiscus which has doubled this past year
life along the frog pond. What missing are my real frogs. The snake ate one and chased the big one away

I was just thinking of the song "April, come she will" yesterday when later flipping through the channels, I came across Simon and Garfunkel's concert in Central Park and they were singing it. How 20 somethings were so obsessed and knowledgeable about leaves that are green turn to brown, I don't know.

I remember walking downtown Detroit around Christmas in late 1964 and the Sounds of Silence was being piped into the streets thinking it was so cool. I listened to it all the time on my tinny transistor radio. Keener 13? CKLW? The two stations I would switch back and forth with the latter broadcast from Canada so the time would be different half the year.

This has not been a good summer for bicyclists. First some drunk plowed into a tight pack of them in Kalamazoo killing five outright and maiming as many others. There have been a couple of bicycle fatalities recently in our county too. Last Friday a woman my age was mowed down while she was travelling between  Dexter, where she lives, and Chelsea. I knew her! She was one of the triathlete pioneers here, a gifted athlete and along with her husband, a race organizer where I came into contact wit her. She was very shy, unlike her outgoing husband but very likeable. I went to her house a few times back in the 80s.I hope she was killed instantly (so not to suffer) but it is so sad and disturbing.

So as not to become roadkill myself this morning, I placed flashing lights on my body to travel through dense fog. By mile 8, the highest point of today's ride, it had finally lifted. It was unbearably hot and humid. I sweat for almost an hour after I finished my 20 mile ride.

I've been biking and running a lot lately. Still fat.

I watched Brooklyn the other day. I really enjoyed it.

On today's  agenda, a visit from Josh and Allie and later, a friend comes over. Maybe, just maybe, I will vacuum.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love your garden.
Bicycle fatalities and maimings are all too common here too. Often driver carelessness. Sometimes cyclist invincibility at fault.


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