Friday, August 26, 2016

Butterflies and rainbows

I was returning from my run yesterday morning to find this in the north sky
angels above my bedroom door
swallowtail on butterfly bush Also see lots of monarchs

The hummingbirds continue to feud. I have 3 feeders and plenty of flowers but still, much effort is spent keeping the others from eating. In a month, they will be gone crossing the Gulf of Mexico to Central America. Not much bird activity here: sparrows and noisy blue jays on the suet feeder and gold finches on the thistle seed feeder. Occasionally the Cooper's hawk sweeps through though I don't know if it has gotten any of my birds.
A low key week. Some annoyances like my dental insurance not covering any of my last visit because, unbeknownst to me, I went over the maximum. Sure wish I knew that before I agreed to each tooth being painfully and expensively x-rayed. Also my fillings will have to wait until January.

I knew my host was angry with me in Delaware but could only guess why. I reluctantly answered the phone the other day. Usually we speak quite often but after an unanswered text saying  was safe, I heard nothing for almost 2 weeks and assumed he was still angry. The conversation started fine, like the friends of 45 years we've been. But  then came the accusations and the long list of grievances, most of which I was totally unaware of. Mountains were made of molehills and lots of misunderstandings.  Geesh! Very hard to listen to and not a great day brightener. Am I so obtuse?

I've started reading more of my promethease report which links various medical conditions to my genes. One condition it said I probably have is the inability to remember faces. Hmm. I really think I can though names usually escape me. A lot of the report is very depressing as it seems I have every cancer gene and proclivity for high blood pressure (only observed this while pregnant) and strokes

Tomatoes and squash continue to ripen but I am getting sick of both. I will try to have fun next week  during the last week of summer.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love your rainbow and butterflies.
Sigh on the insurance and friendship front. Hopefully the friendship can be restored. I lost a friend of more than forty years early this year and still grieve (but cannot see a way to regain it and live with myself).


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