Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cape Henpolen

Deer in the dense forest behind my friends house
Rehoboth farmers market where we bought supplies for dinner
Junction Breakwater trail between Lewes and Rehoboth. The coastal road running parallel is a traffic jam surrounded by outlet malls and tourist traps
Those concrete towers were used to try to spot German uboats 
Wild hibiscus plants all over
The state park trail goes over wetlands
Small dunes to the side
The canal separating the mainland from the barrier beach lands

It was plenty hot as we set out for our 18 mile loop bike ride. This area has many paths which is good as some of the main roads are extremely busy. The first half of our ride went through the nearby state park through dense forests, beaches, sand dunes and wetlands. we stopped at Gordon's pond, a bird sanctuary but I didn't see much. I did see laughing gulls, a southern species smaller than the common sea gull , with black heads. I was also surprisingly by the many hibiscus in full bloom growing wild. Wish I had stopped to photograph the denser stands of them. The sparse bushes I did photograph  were surrounded by poison ivy so no close ups. We were hoping to pick up supplies at the Rehoboth farmers market by bike but they weren't allowed to sell anything for 2 hours. We had biked a mile or two by Rehoboth beach mansions. Lots of money there. We returned later by car
My friends friend came for dinner. she recently dealt with breast cancer so it was thought we would have that in common

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Elephant's Child said...

Love that deer in the forest.
And hope you found more in common than sharing the cancer journey.


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