Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mutant barn swallow nest

While waiting on Josh's porch he other day, I looked up in horror to see what I thought at first glance was a hornets' nest. But it was made from mud, not paper. His resident barn swallows have had bad luck building nests: two earlier attempts resulted in the nest falling down, the last time with young babies in it. With  this bizarre nest, they were able to raise 2 babies to adulthood. Never saw one like it before.
Daniel is to keep an illustrated diary over the summer. This is his entry concerning the mosquito larvae in my fountain. He is 6, soon to be 7.
my morning glories live for an hour tops
when pigs fly

By this time tomorrow, I will be half way to DC hopefully. I assume Monday, once the traffic clears, we will be on our way to the Delaware coast. Excited but I am always afraid I am forgetting something. I thought I was to be crossing the Chesapeake Bridge that goes on forever and disappears in midstream into a tunnel looking like you are diving headfirst in your car into the abyss but it turns out there are two Chesapeake Bay bridges and I will be taking the more boring one which isn't even as long as the Mackinaw Bridge.

The only chance for rain for a 10 day period dove south of us. Dry as a bone here but at least a bit of the heat cleared.

My nails are now a bright reddish orange with sparkles. I'll be stylin' on the coast.
Not sure of my internet situation outside of DC
Back to packing

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Elephant's Child said...

Have fun - and travel safely.
Love that nest.


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