Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Walking in circles

Squirrel trying to get at feeders

This morning's guest
Moss on rock, Ecola St Park Oregon

Cannon Beach, OR

The doldrums of winter. In the past, I could go to the Y but with my up coming trip and limited ability to use all of their equipment, I didn't sign up for this session. Usually I an find a plowed area to run but for the past 3 days, the wind has been very stiff. I've been walking in my basement instead.

Oh I did finally run the last day I could see pavement. I felt fine. I will go out tomorrow, I don't care how windy and cold it is.

Our basement is very large. I make a figure eight back and forth one hundred times. I listen to my podcasts.

Using up lots of  extra supplies, I made a coconut flan today. This time, making the caramel was much easier.

Tomorrow I join the outside world, helping a friend move and then on to my cooking class.

The above photos we took in Oregon 2.5 years ago. On Haystack Rock are puffin nests. With our better lens, maybe this time we can get a photo of them. We will be there in 8 days or so.


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Elephant's Child said...

You must be starting to get excited. I do hope you can capture the puffins.


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