Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hit and run

This was our mailbox this morning. Whoever hit it drove on our yard for sometime. I assume alcohol played a part

hand made Chinese tiles
Framed Gegenbach, a Black Forest village
I love my fused glass frame though I am trying to decide what is best to put in it. A very colorful photo or a black and white one?
Miss Downy

I am waiting impatiently for the sun to burn a path for me to run outside. I noticed in town that things have melted but lucky us, it is colder here on the prairie.
So how did that person who mowed down our mailbox not see it? We have snow sticks along the property and a very bright lamp that would light up the way assuming this person had no headlights. It was snowing very heavily when I returned last night at 7 pm. It stopped snowing at some point in the middle of the night. These tracks this morning had little snow covering them up. Also suspicious, our newspaper deliverer who is here around 5 am  didn't show today. Could he have hit the mailbox and then run away? I will be looking at each vehicle entering the neighborhood for front end damage. Our neighborhood is very small.  And the mailbox is set in frozen ground. Right now, the mailbox is precariously balancing on its broken support. We will have to wait for the spring thaw to fix it for good. @#@!@#
I've been busy. I've helped my friend pack for parts of two days plus collect boxes for her, which involved unloading some (which needed to be done anyway). Lucky for her 6 weeks since the surgery is finally up so I was able to lift some things with my now atrophied muscles. I will be sore.
I have also visited more resale shops and bought several things. I need to stop this though some of the thing are very cool. One thing I did get (still in its original sealed box) is a Veggetti , device that turns vegetables into noodles. I assume this is a competitor of the Zoodles that a friend swears by. At the cooking class, our instructor had one but didn't use it. The subject was vegetable based casseroles. The best one was a lasagna using thin slices of yellow squash (zucchini was called for but difficult to find this time of year) for the noodles sandwiched with a mix of lots of spices, ricotta and corn. Tasty. Then a vegetable paella with roasted tomatoes, peppers, peas, broccoli and cauliflower. Though I like broccoli, its strong flavor overwhelmed the saffron. The instructor was proud that the menu was gluten free. Well not so gluten free because the orzo was made from wheat. Some cancer patients are extra sensitive to gluten. A lot of people now think of a sudden that they are gluten sensitive. But the main reason for me to avoid American wheat is that many growers spray Round-up on the seed heads to quicken maturity and this carcinogen makes its way into the flour. Why can't this be stopped? Just buy Italian pasta? But not Italian olive oil which in many cases is not olive oil. Hard to trust food sources.
Some sad stories at the class... 


Elephant's Child said...

I really resent the things that are routinely done to food for profit. Really, really resent it.
Sigh on the mailbox front.

Anonymous said...

I think you should put a black and white picture with your colored fused glass frame

All the bests


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