Saturday, January 30, 2016

Itchy and Scratchy

although the largest lesions are shrinking and aren't so weepy, New hives keep popping up all over.  Reactions to all the junk I've been putting on?  Anyway I wish it would all go away. Lesson learned: a thorough shower immediately after being in a dicey hot tub. better yet: don't go in  Extra stupid points: I was to avoid all immersive experiences for 6 weeks due to the surgery. 7 weeks out and I still have visible stitches
The forecast for today was rain all day. Still there was a small window of no rain very early  Down to the beach but keen disappointment when we found our favorite coffee house closed Worse: Blue Sky is gone forever. We went to the town 4 miles away and found a good place but it is not near the beach. 
After back to the beach: a run through the fog for me and then a walk together. Lots of recent damage due to all the storms and rain. When the rain started we went back to the house.  Later a trip to town for bento boxes and shopping.  I got some cool Mexican tiles. so so foggy.
We can't see beyond the edge of the deck much less see the ocean below
Sunny forecast coming. Low tide tomorrow at a reasonable hour: to the tide pools!

Steve and Charlotte
A funeral home but a cool building
Yarn shop display
Bathroom of the sushi place
Lots of green
Foggy beach
My favorite beach house
This one is cue too

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Elephant's Child said...

LOVE that foggy beach scene.
We have been having blessed rain too. Quite a lot of it. And hail. And winds.
Itchy and scratchy are VILE. I hope they disappear soon.


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