Monday, January 25, 2016

Top Pot

Seattle from West Seattle.  will look so much better with a real camera
Barely can make out the Olympics here.  we did see Mts Baker and Rainier yesterday

Padilla Bay, Skagit county. Miles and miles of tulip fields on very flat land.  Will look great in 3 months or so
Over the top screen in our Italian restaurant in La Conner
Family shot.  Why oh why didn't I comb my hair
In sculpture garden. Actually there are amazing amounts of real flowers around despite the time of year and how north we are.  Nothing green or flowery in Michigan for months
Seattle symphony hall
Two Chihuly sculptures in lobby

It's been a long time since I've been sick Really no fun on a vacation: periods of hot and chills, sore throat, sneezing which is now coughing. On top of that, while we were at the concert the other night, I had indigestion and a painful itchy burning allergic reaction that made sitting unpleasant. plus I had to hold my breath so not to sneeze during the performance.  Mozart and Hadyn. I should have loved it

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