Thursday, January 28, 2016


Lithia Park designed by the same guy who designed Golden Gate Park. This rushing stream goes through the length of the park

Sunset from our balcony
Kids skating with walkers

Shakespearean outfit
Rosenberg train station
Train outside. Our window

We are in Ashland Oregon home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and lithia which is lithium enriched water in one of their springs. I was able to find a great deal on a suite with separate bedrooms as my coughing makes it impossible for Steve to sleep though my great deals might have their downside like hot tub dermatitis which may be the source of this hideous rash.

We didn't want to stop for breakfast until we could clear the rush hours of Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia forgetting our cache of heathy snacks we bought before Seattle. We cleared the area in one hour versus the 2.5 hours it took on the way up. Too cloudy to see Mt Hood but the weather became clear and sunny.  We passed through the grass seed capital of the world.  We've passed through several capitals in Oregon: cranberry, Easter lily, lily bulb growing. We did but a souvenir of the Oregonian filbert industry: hazelnut liquor. Tt is illegal in Oregon to pump your own gas though it is cheaper than Washington and California. In Mendocino county gas was $4 a gallon in parts. Back in Michigan, the gas is $1.50 a gallon.

We stopped in Roseburg in Central Oregon  for lunch in a restored train station where I had ginger pear cider and West African peanut soup. Almost 70 degrees! we walked through Lithia Park designed by the same dude who designed The Golden Gate Park. I tasted their spring water Yuck! Very carbonated and salty. Reminded me of dead fish

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