Friday, January 29, 2016


After our breakfast  see pancake machine below, in our 70s styled resort, we were on our way through 100 miles of steep and wild mountains in fog and rain.  It would have been more beautiful the day before but at least we didn't need chains.  It was 58 when we began but 5 miles later. On the very steep climb on Siskiyou pass, it had dropped to 38. I had worried about the wisdom of taking the inland route in the middle of winter especially when on the way up we see a large flashing sign Warning! Chains required, on the route inland to Grants Pass even though it was 65 on the coast
We had a stop at the state line inspection, a first for Steve who never entered California by car. they were checking for fruit and plants. steve wanted to see Mt Shasta, a volcanic peak over 14000 ft right next to our route but the fog made that impossible though we could see the lower half. See graphic of it on Redding poster. We drove through the town of Mt Shasta, I had stayed there as a kid, in hopes of seeing some clearing. no luck  
The rain had stopped briefly for our visit to Turtle Bay in Redding. we had come to see the Sundial bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava. it's supposed to cast interesting shadows on the Sacramento River. at night, it's glass block base is all lit and supposedly looks spectacular though very slippery to walk on while wet. Still it was interesting even though we weren't there at the best times. Lots of birds and paths to follow. A first: a feral cat feeding station. They scattered when I closed in for a better picture. the road flattened completely to miles of farm land and small towns.  olive capital of the US? Corning    Never would have guessed it would be in Northern California  We stopped for lunch at Patty's Airport Cafe in Willows.  Alas no planes took off on the runways next to us. They are famous for pies. the fruit pies were still baking but lemon meringue was available. the land became brown and hilly as we turned toward the bay. no trees. I was to meet a high school friend on the East Bay. when was I to get there? hard to guess 24 hours ahead but we made it within 15 minutes of my guess. We couldn't stay long as rush hour in San Francisco would make the mess in Seattle a walk in the park plus they have all their Super Bowl activities going on like finally relighting the Bay Bridge we took. except for 3 miles of  traffic along the bay before the bridge and a mile in the city, we made it through way quicker than I imagined and soon found ourselves on the beautiful coastal road to my brothers
It is the middle of the night. The fog horns go off every 10 seconds and it is raining. I don't know what to do. My condition, tentatively hot tub dermatitis, is getting worse. perhaps my immune system couldn't fight a cold, which is better except for the Steve removing cough, and this thing too Sitting 2 days on open lesions made them worse. hopefully not sitting on them today will improve things


Elephant's Child said...

Some lovely photos but I am sorry to hear that you have been beset with MORE health issues.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

this too shall pass, this too shall pass
Not sitting in a car all day seems to have improved the situation some

I assume your house guest is gone


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