Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Green Lake

Making this blog readable will have to wait until I return. Usually when I am in Seattle, I run around Green Lake which is 3 miles around.  when I was here in August, I would go with my sister-in -law at 6 am and run for an hour as the sun came up.  See bottom photo. today I finally felt healthy enough to at least walk and was going to go there with her at 6 but then remembered that would be well before the sun came up. turns out there are plenty of runners there and dogs with head lamps.  Once it got light (and the rain started!!) I walked up the steep hill to the reservoir  and walked there in the foggy rain. If it were clear, I would be able to see the city and Mt Rainier but nothing today. 
Today is both Oliver's and Steve's birthday.  above in Great grandma face timing Oliver. after Steve's birthday lunch at the cool restaurant above, they all went to play ball and ping pong at the rec center while I walked around the lake. lots of waterfowl!  woodducks, coots, buffleheads and wigeons.  had to look that last one up.  So 2 workouts but none tomorrow as we make the very long drive south 

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Holly said...

Sue - you and your family really seem to know how to enjoy life! I envy you!!

Hugs from Holly


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