Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in pictures

loved watching the hummers

early spring

rose breasted grosbeak


garage sale art


Oliver's concert

The Wavefield

spring rock garden at old house

interesting mailboxes along my running route

one of the 2 nests of swallows with extremely protective parents

fall bike ride

fun with the Moms at one of their son's wedding in California

minivacation before surgery

some of my harvest

canoe art

Xmas with the Moms

Tacoma glass museum

ArtPrize Grand Rapids

veggie garden before it grew

fall photo walks

chickens at my hairdresser's

last mile of my 6 day bike ride

lots of sunsets and sunrises as now I can see the sky versus the blocked views at the old house

waterpark fun

Aiki Beach Washington


blizzard right before we moved

easter egg hunt materials


ice festival

Mommasunflower shortly before her death. Also lost my next door neighbor and my friend from the Italian trip to this awful disease this year

purple finch


sugar maple at old house

Venice Beach

outdoor lunch as the train goes by

venice beach

lots of riding toys for the grandbabies

frosty cardinal

Mother's Day

Tessa turned 3

egg hunt

at Easter

at Xmas

Moms at Xmas party

frog in my pond on fake water lily


Brussels sprout harvest

Steve, Chuckanut drive WA

Daniels 6 birthday

helicopter next door

August trip to see Steve's family in Seattle

Labor day BBQ

sugar maple


from bike ride up north

Me at ArtPrize

Green Lake at sunrise in Seattle. Began my runs around 6am

Elk Rapids from bike ride

Hartwick Pines. Our tent

Depot town

Steve on our fallwalks

Fall color bike ride

house at Xmas

The pond


Torch Lake

Lake Michigan, early December

babysitting Allie

bike ride

Grand Rapids

GR again

From my bike ride the last day I was in LA

Room from early December getaway

Several trips to the orchards with various grandbabies

early morning fall bike ride

My friend the evening before we started our bike ride with our Cheybogan blood orange honey ales

gray fox the next day 10 miles out on our ride

Dexter early fall

first day of school

saying goodbye to the house

lots of lilies at new house

In Seattle

Venice Beach
the wedding

early irises

paper cranes at chemo room where I took my friend for treatment of her leukemia

What happens in a year? In my last post I implied my entire year was devoted to dealing with houses but there was more. Lots of visits from the grandbabies. Such joy in watching them grow. A family reunion here in June with Steve's family. Where are the photos from this? Posting pictures this morning was an exercise in frustration. First of all, many are missing and they came out in no particular order. I bicycled more than 2000 miles, a lot in preparation for the weeklong bike ride in July but the warm fall and even winter allowed me many more rides. Although I did not get to travel as much as I wanted, I did go to southern California in May, my bike ride up north in July and out to Washington in August along with day trips to Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan. I do see my friends a lot too. I had my surgery recently to repair some of the damage from breast cancer. I am not completely recovered but hope to be soon. But I am thankful for my relatively good health and that of my family. Some of my friends have not been so lucky.

But many days I  just tend my flowers, watch the birds and the sunsets. I try to see beauty in my little world and hope to see and experience more in 2016. Happy New Year Blogsphere!


Elephant's Child said...

A (mostly) bright and beautiful year. Here's to more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Your friend, Teri, died? Kris

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

No, she did not. The lady pictured was my yoga teacher Maureen. She had had breast cancer about 6 years ago but it came back while she was teaching us, all over the place. Jeanette was a friend I made when I had my summer in Abruzzo, Italy in 2008. She got multiple myeloma around the same time I got breast cancer when we returned. She was quite a bit older than me, 80 when she died. I went to Italy with my friend Teri who lived in the house I did when we were in college, in 2009 to celebrate surviving breast cancer. She lives in LA.


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