Friday, January 22, 2016

On the road again

Our place is full of hand carved Mexican furniture
Bridge in Newport OR
Lots of sea lions barking away
Bridge in Coos Bay
Bandon Harbor where we had lunch at a fish mark
Yellow flowers 
Crescent City
View from motel window through screen 

It has been raining nonstop for the past 12 hours though it is supposed to stop by sunrise. still we've been lucky.   Despite the forecasts, rain didn't hit us until late yesterday and due to poor planning on my part, we couldn't stop to enjoy much anyway as yesterday we had 330 miles to drive.  Not far on a freeway but very long through numerous tiny towns with 20 mph speed limits, bad roads due to flood damage, switchbacks, construction, what have you
Yesterday morning found me running along a narrow peninsula waves crashing on one side, gulls calling, sea lions barking from their rafts, fog horns. 60 degrees and the sun was just rising. I wore a short sleeve top. A local asked if I were freezing. No I'm from Michigan. This is tropical heaven. We were in Crescent City close to the Oregon border. How much more for an ocean view? $4. Of course I want it though Steve said he grew up with a ocean view. Nothing special to him
We had a good day Wednesday As I got out of the shower I see a bright pink sky. go take some photos before it disappears!  Mendocino is on a cliff surrounded by 3 sides of water. It is full of quaint houses standing in for Cabots Cove, a Maine village in Murder, she wrote. We ate breakfast overlooking crashing waves, so pretty. The inn had lots of gardens. Rhododendrons were in bloom. Don't I have them?  I won't see them until June

All the glass seemed to be gone at glass beach in nearby ft Bragg but it was still beautiful I will get around to captioning yesterday's photos and editing this mess. The road back to the 101 was very narrow, steep with many switchbacks going through redwood and eucalyptus forests. We stopped for elk, vultures and turkeys though these photos are on Steves camera. The 101 is called the Redwood Highway in Humboldt county. We took a bypass to Victorian Ferndale home to Guy Fieri. I had remembered he mentioned it on a show about Ferndale MI.  Lunch at the Ferndale meat factory specializing in smoked meats. A Guy favorite    The Victorian houses were known as Butter Palaces for all the dairy farms nearby.   Our cows eat grass year round is written everywhere. On to eureka and more ornate Victorians, this time wealth was due to lumber. we stopped at a cafe to select that nights stay. should we try to drive to Oregon? That wouldn't leave much time for the Redwood National Park, home of the tallest redwoods. The tallest tree in the world is in there, 349 feet, unmarked so it won't be loved to death. since rain free time might be rare, our plan was to enjoy it while we can. We opted to stay in California right on the water Of course that meant Thursday would be long

How I miss my computer? Very hard to type on this and I can't see what I wrote

Steve wanted to go to the Redwoods Park the most. We took short walks through the mossy dark forests, crawled in trees, hugged trees. See yesterday's photos. There was supposed to be herds of elk roaming the place. Looked and didn't find them though we saw some earlier that day

The sun was just setting when we got to Crescent City but too cloudy to be pretty. We found a nice restaurant featuring all natural this and that for dinner. I spent some time in a hot tub, steve hates them. 

After some of my Mendocino wine, off to bed
The next day after my run while Steve took photos , off to Oregon. We stopped alot for rocky ocean views It was 70 and sunny when we stopped for lunch in Bandon  There is supposed to be agates and jade on the beach if only we had time to look but we had hardly covered any distance. We started the grueling part of the drive skipping the dunes and the fake glass beach where they dump glass pretties to find. We did stop in Newport for coffee overlooking rafts of battling male sea lions, some weighing1000 pounds. Very noisy. as the rain poured down and time was running out. The drive began to be an ordeal and anxiety causing. Our place though is very cute in Cannon Beach. there is an attractive courtyard with a fountain between the cabins. we have a little porch. if only it wasn't rainf though I don't hear it pounding so much against the skylight. Low tide is before sunrise but hopefully it will be out long enough for us to see the tide pools. no puffins though. they are here only in spring and summer. we are here at the wrong time for whales too

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