Monday, December 7, 2015


my new display table Still need to buy some shelves for my glass display

a male downy woodpecker
white breasted nuthatch. I have seen a red breasted nuthatch here too

beautiful Motawi red headed woodpecker tile that a treasured friend gave me recently. Saw one in the flesh a month ago but he hasn't made his way to my feeder
Today I finally left the confines of my neighborhood to go shopping. Aside from X-mas stuff, we went to a sort of up-scale consignment shop where I found an arty display table for my living room plus a glass sculpture. I am no longer on any kind of pain medication due to their negative side effects. Still I am light-headed and have a mild headache as if I were deprived of caffeine though I've been drinking plenty. The surgical vest is digging into my flesh causing a rash. Tomorrow I go to get my drain out. Hopefully that won't be too painful.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love your birds - and that tile is stunning.


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