Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Black squirrels

Steve's sunset photo

Another sunset photo

Art Deco building downtown Holland
Breakfast: apples and pecan waffles
one of the inn owners had a thing for flying pigs. They were all over the place
Holland decorations

Saugatuck had hundreds of these scampering around
There are three varieties of squirrels in Michigan: the large fox squirrel, one of which
 comes to destroy our feeders: the medium sized gray squirrel and the tiny but very
feisty red squirrel. Pictured above is the black variation of the gray squirrel. I used to
 only see black squirrels way up north or in Canada but they seem to be slowly
creeping downstate. I see them on the outskirts of Ann Arbor now but in Ann Arbor,
 the fox squirrels are dominant.
It was good to get away. Steve and I haven't been able to go off by ourselves in ages
 no thanks to dealing with the house situation for the entire year. We are so happy
that chapter is over in our lives  though we just got a property tax bill for the old
 house. What to do about that?
The weather channel predicted 100% chance of rain by early morning. But when
 I got up, no signs of it. Although it was still dark, out I went to get a run in before
the rain and snow hit. The town is mostly deserted and there are a few street lights.
 There was a nice boardwalk along Lake Kalamazoo and I watched the sun rise.
The rain showed up 5 hours later but by then, we were on our way home stopping
in Holland for a bit more shopping.
I had my last glass of wine last night. According to my hand-out, no alcohol for
 3 weeks and I am to wear that girdle for 6 weeks. Yep it will be a fun holiday
season. I can drive after 10 days. 24 hours from now, I should be getting home
 hopefully still alive and pain-free.


Elephant's Child said...

Good luck.
That is an amazing sunset.
I understand that squirrels can be a pest - but they look cute.

Kat&Chris said...

Best wishes for a positive experience with your surgery and recovery, Sue.


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