Saturday, December 12, 2015


My King Kong lamp with a red bulb for Xmas

Not clear from this photo are Oliver's missing teeth But I do like his smile
Big boy teeth growing in. He was the last kid to lose teeth in his class
one of my 'new' chairs
In their corners. In a normal heighted room, these chairs would be half way up the wall. Here they look puny. Need to  buy some blue throw pillows
This will go above my cabinets in the kitchen

With Shanna's van, Steve was able to retrieve my orange side chairs today while Shanna and the kids stayed at our home. 60 degrees today! We had the kids run around outside instead of inside. Bonus: no wind. After an even longer walk than previous days, I went for a short bike ride. Didn't feel dizzy today. And then to get sparkling red, silver and gold nails for the MOMs' X-mas party tomorrow. Tonight I will prepare part of the dessert. No I am not making the elaborate Buche de Noel as I had in the past.
I did have some wine last night with a friend. I am no longer on opiates. I was to abstain for 3 weeks if I had had a fat engraftment as alcohol causes swelling. I assume my breasts could swell too but didn't notice any additional swelling due to falling off the wagon. They do feel so strange: rubbery, numb  alien things. Presumably feeling will gradually return.
I was listening to a podcast reviewing an ex-alcoholic's memoir. She would have frequent black-outs and wake up in a stranger's bed with no idea how that happened. The black-outs she referred to aren't the type that you faint to the ground and essentially are dead asleep for a few hours. No, you are up and about making deals, laughing, agreeing to things you normally wouldn't agree to and you forget everything that happens in those few hours. This has happened to me three times in my life though one of those times, no alcohol was involved. I had run myself into a stupor. My first black-out occurred when I was college freshman. Too many screwdrivers were involved. The only memory I had was a nauseous feeling anytime I smelt TreeSweet orange juice. Well I was young, lesson learned (sort of).  The last time, was 12 years ago and worse, was at a company party meaning there were probably witnesses to my behavior. Not good though I am told, I didn't say anything very stupid. And Steve was overseeing me. For a four hour or so window, I remembered nothing though I was merrily chatting away. Back at home, my aunt called to tell me my uncle had died. Steve said I had an appropriate conversation with her. The next night she called again with funeral info. I said What!?! He died? She must have thought the apple didn't fall from the tree. (My mom, her sister, had Alzheimer's Disease at the time). Very embarrassing.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love your energy.
I hope you do get feeling back.
My mother was an alcoholic and in her final years she often had those 'functioning' black outs. Probably more often than I realised.


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