Friday, December 18, 2015

Algue, Beethoven's birthday and mussels

algue is French for algae. Years ago there was an exhibit at MOMA using plastic covered wire to make sculptures. I bought 2 kits for my wall


My algue  I looked this up recently as a friend wanted an underwater motif for her grandchild

lilies gradually opening in Josh's get well bouquet

bleakness in the park near me

Tess and chess

more resale treasures: Handmade paper

On Wednesday, I was out of the house until 8:30 at night driving here and there. First drive since the surgery though I went out briefly to rescue Steve from the locked keys in car caper. As it was Beethoven's birthday, I had a constant stream of his music playing to lift my mood. His 32nd piano sonata got me all the way home from the distant town my ex-co-workers agreed to meet for Happy Hour. 
First stop the dentist. A new very thorough hygienist made me feel that I must have the worst ever dental hygiene. She wondered if I were ill as my throat was all abraded. Nope, breathing tube damage. They had to reposition the tube a couple of times during the surgery. I was asked ahead of time  (along with whether I could climb a flight of stairs without keeling over) whether I could make my jaw jut out like a bulldog. Weird question but is was so they could put the breathing tube in while I was sitting up. Some of my drug taking was  to deal with the scratched up throat.
Lots of sighing.. It took forever and it involved ultrasound but at least I had no cavities.
I bought a beaded silk dress for $10 at the upscale thrift. Although it looks 80ish, it is beautiful. And things are much easier to get on without the megabreast in the way. If I ever get around to wearing it (Xmas?) maybe I'll have Steve take a photo.
Lobster butter latte at Roos Roasters café and a cherry scone for lunch.. They are artisanal roasters. Coffee is prepared individually as if it were espresso (pulled not drip). I've had a lobster butter coffee in the past and it was almost too strong to drink so this time I got it in latte form. Much better. The place is close to my friend recovering from the stem cell transplant but her stomach still is too sensitive for coffee particularly Roos Roast. I visited my friend . She had more energy than usual though steroids give artificial energy (hate steroids as they interfere with sleep too-they give plenty during chemotherapy). Her new stem cells have morphed into mostly functional bone marrow. So red cells, neutrophils, and platelets are normal (as opposed to disappearing within days of a transfusion) . What takes longer are specialized immune cells such as T and B cells so she still is vulnerable. And as they grow in, they recognize her body as foreign leading to host versus graft disease. A balance has to be struck modulating the immune system to attack outside invaders but not attacking her own body. She is close to Day 100, an important milestone.

Do I go home before meeting my friends in Saline? Nope, let's find more thrift shops. I promise I will stay out of them for the next month or two. I focused on clothes Maya can wear around our house and some kitchen ware that had got lost in the move somehow (yep still have boxes piled up in the garage and in the basement. Someday I will tackle them). I did buy the above pressed paper and a very pretty floral painting. I will have to wait to hang them due to my recovery unless I can convince Steve to do it. As it is, 3 canvases came in that need to be hung way up high. 

Happy (3) Hour in Saline. Not my first choice as this place is fairly far from home but it was convenient for the still working folks. This place specialized in Acadian cuisine. Free mussels for Happy Hour but I hate mussels, don't I? Grow up Sue and just eat them. I do like green eggs and ham, Sam I am. I do, I do. They were tasty. Followed them up with Cajun shrimp dishes of various sorts washing down the spiciness with various Michigan brews. So it was fun and a break from my usual routine. And the drive was pretty with all the Xmasy stuff and lights accompanied by Beethoven's 32nd.

Winter returns for two days then again spring in winter for the next week. I will be happy not to see snow at all though we did have those 10 inches at once last month. Once the snow blanket melted, I was still able to harvest more Swiss chard. The kale (indestructible) is out there too.

Yesterday I had Tess for the morning, the easiest grandbaby of them all. Good as I had her myself while Steve was at the doctor's and I have that 5 pound limit for  another month. She is eager to be here shooing her mom away so she can begin the fun. She has learned the polite social lie. I will give her some food which she will take a little bite of and say how good it is and then leave it alone. Funny. But she is as sweet as can be and easily amused. I made more kindergarten project (forbidden now) bird feeders consisting of pine cones, peanut butter, and seeds.

Not so much fun were phone negotiations between a certain ex. Big sigh. When will everybody grow up.

And I didn't do my long walk until late in the day with lots of wind and bleakness. Today and tomorrow won't be any better. Plenty of things to do inside that I keep putting off.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love that the social lie is learned so early.
Take care of yourself, and don't push your recovery too hard.


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