Sunday, December 6, 2015

Purple but perky.

This straitjacket is what is holding my Frankenchest in place. No it is not comfortable. Yesterday we swapped out the bloody one that was first put on for a new clean one. What an ordeal! The main problem was removing all the pads and adhesive that was covering up my many sutures. Then we found we had no medical tape. My new pads are being held down by purple IKEA bandages with spaceships on them that I bought for the grandkids. Yep I am quite the sight. And then I have several feet of tubing leading to my drain. Had to cover that up too. But on the plus side, the new girls are quite perky: purple but perky They defy gravity
First trip out: walking across the street to the new neighbors' open house. I am smack in the middle in blue

Steve took these photos. The woman designed and decorated everything. She had a very large budget and very good taste. I will be embarrassed to have her come over to see my thrift shop decorations.
This is a closet that happens to face my house. Unbelievable. Steve chose to photograph the guy's side with his sports stuff including a superbowl football. Lots of signed things. On her side, was her display of very high end purses and jewelry
masterbath leading to the closet. Very fancy tile work in the shower built for ten
spiral staircase. And there is another one leading to their basement. They have two enormous Czech glass chandeliers

It's been 24 hours since I last had opiates. They make me feel nauseated and somewhat spacey. I've been trying to treat the residual pain with ibuprofen though I think the itching underneath the pads is more annoying than the pain. Plus my stomach is still upset. I have not drank any alcohol since Tuesday night. Despite the selection I had last night, I still abstained as I did not know if I would be able to sleep without opiates.
I had two visitors yesterday, which was nice. I have yet to start my binge watching of TV that I had planned on for my recovery. I still manage to keep otherwise busy and entertained. It was supposed to be 50 deg and sunny yesterday but as of noon, the trees were still covered with ice fog. Very pretty. I should have least taken some photos. Instead, I watched the birds. A flock of blue jays visit regularly cawing loudly and the three male cardinals jockey for position on the seed cake. Still haven't attracted any woodpeckers besides the downys and the nuthatches.
Finally the sun came out and I went for a walk increasing my time 50%. I am afraid to walk outside the neighborhood for now as I am lightheaded.
I was looking forward to going to the neighbor's open house as most of the neighborhood was going to be there. I've only met a few of the neighbors. The new neighbors are very chatty and had introduced themselves as the house was being built. How to look good when my surgical vest comes up to my neck? Covered it up in a scarf and wore a flowing top to hide the plumbing and the fat that I had hoped would be gone. OMG! That house. Although it is the smallest in the neighborhood (probably below the guidelines set by the Association), inside, it must be the nicest. Original art and I mean things that cost tens of thousands, not a few hundred. The lady has exquisite taste. She is Syrian and can cook though she bought most of the fancy desserts. But such food! Judging by the ages of her kids, she is probably my age but looks so much younger.

One funny thing was the man's taste in beer. He served Yuengling beer. I had just been trying to remember that name. I had never heard of it until I went on that bike ride on the Great Allegheny Passage in Pennsylvania and the trip organizers served it in the campgrounds. I assumed it was Chinese but no, it is German coming from the oldest brewery in the US somewhere around Philly. It is not available in Michigan but he gets it in Ohio. It is not well known around here. And Michigan has great beer.
Stone Face was not there. Rumor has it, he can not speak English and is not friendly to anyone, not just me. The neighbor on the other side of us is having a baby due the same day as Oliver and Steve's birthday. She is the one who had a helicopter land between our houses. Another neighbor brought us a gift pack as she hadn't gotten around to welcoming us yet. And we met the people across the street in the other direction for the first time. It was quite the diverse group in terms of ages and ethnic groups. An interesting night but I was getting tired and I know Steve can stand strangers for only so long so we left.

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Elephant's Child said...

It sounds like a good evening. I am with Steve on the stranger front though. Ok for a while. A short while.
The stylishness and tidiness of that house puts me to shame. Big time.


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