Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas charity

I do like this photo of Maya even though her hands are blurred. She is in constant motion. Note 'new' chair

I think we got all the presents wrapped

While at the store with  Steve yesterday, Maya found a doll she wanted and put it in the cart. It wasn't marked but Steve said she could have it if it didn't cost too much. He found a price scanner and said the doll cost too much and put the doll back.
But  I want it...
He explained she would get plenty of toys soon. She really didn't need this doll.
This whole exchange must have been overheard because a lady appeared behind them with the doll saying that she was going to buy the doll for the little girl and it would be her Christmas gift. Steve said that really would not be necessary. Back and forth with the lady insisting that this would make her happy for X-mas. But ultimately Steve outright refused and she backed off. Big brown sad eyes.
Steve guessed the lady thought he was destitute with little money to buy things for his little African-American child. He wanted to say that things don't look how they appear. Taking her shopping was to make up for his mean behavior towards Maya earlier. She had spilled her juice and he over-reacted yelling at her. Like he never spilled anything. He continued to act crabby and put out. She went to apologize for spilling the juice and he ignored her all stony faced.
Really? You are giving the silent treatment to a child?
He claimed to not have heard her. I knew he was annoyed with Maya's mother but to take it out on a child just really bothered me. And what does he have to be all annoyed about. This was disturbing his reading time? When the Mom returned, Maya reported how mean Grandpa was to her. At some point, he began to feel guilty and volunteered to take her out.
With some of the excess cream cheese we have, I made rugelach rated Easy according to the recipe. Rugelach is not easy as it has a very fragile dough due to all the butter and cream cheese. It must be chilled to handle without tearing. I made a few different kinds. Not as pretty as I had hoped but still tasty. Maya helped roll the dough.
It rained most of the day. In the morning while it just drizzled, I did walk in the neighborhood until it poured. But yesterday was the shortest day..longer days ahead.
I took some rugelach to a friend's beautifully decorated house for Happy Hour. Nice to get out and to be with a friend.
And I got a text from my friend late yesterday to say that the hospital called. Although not all the tests are in, they can tell she is NOT having a recurrence of leukemia. So that's a relief.


Anonymous said...

We had an incident with our granddaughter getting yelled at because she wanted more than one Pez candy. My husband brought over the Pez dispenser with candy and yet, he expected her to eat only one tiny candy. She fled upstairs crying. Eventually, they were back to normal but I was upset.
So glad to hear that your friend is relieved about her bone marrow test.

Elephant's Child said...

I am so glad your friend is not having a relapse. What a truly wonderful early present for her.
Sigh on the silent treatment.


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