Saturday, August 30, 2014

zinnias and videos

My garden isn't as pretty as it was a month ago. Gone are most of the glads and all of the lilies except a few stray day lilies. My petunias seem to have some disease. I hardly have any geraniums in bloom. What I do have are impatiens (which have overrun anything I put them in), cosmos, cleome and the prettiest, zinnias. All except the variegated were grown from dried flower heads a dear friend gave me.

Below are two videos. The first is of my cousin (once removed) who is an actress. She has had parts in TV and movies but now her commercial career has really taken off. Aside from this shampoo commercial, which I think is funny, she is now the Samsung girl for their wristwatch phone.

And last night sitting on my patio, the female hummingbirds are fighting again. They are hellbent in ensuring the other doesn't touch the feeder. Steve took this video last year. Probably the same birds.

This is a low key Labor Day weekend. There is a UM game so going any where near town is out. Josh is camping in some field in western Iowa with his buddies. I had given him all of my camping supplies (which I hope will be returned dry). Last night was pouring rain. I had neglected to give him a ground cloth. This tent is not easy to set up in the wind much less in a thunderstorm. Hopefully it will be dry for him today. I went for aa run and a short bike ride today. The humidity is back. Later a friend will visit.


Elephant's Child said...

To every thing there is a season...
Loved both videos. A funny commercial is always a treat.
And Steve's video is a clear illustration that 'pecking order' isn't just a phrase. Your patio looks good too.

Teri Bernstein said...

Those are GREAT videos! LOL!


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