Sunday, August 3, 2014

Good Will House Hunting

Naomi wanted to go with us. Apparently she thought she was going clubbing though she had to leave the high heels at the door

Steve standing stiffly in weird shaped shower

jetted soaking tub: yay

beautiful first floor and views

lower level has this overlooking a steep hill and trees

back of the house and decks

front not showing the big fountain

master bath bigger than our current bedroom
If we would be willing to drive (18 miles by backroads; 27 miles using all expressways), we can get a lot for the money versus anything in AA. This house is on a paved road close to places that bicyclists love. There is a nearby unpaved road for me to run and we are only a mile from a huge state rec area. One mile to a convenience store; one mile to an artisanal vodka distillery (!?!); 5 miles to town where the big (or sort of big) stores are, an especially cute town with a nationally known playhouse. Far from almost anyone I know especially my beloved grandbabies.

Big decisions. The house may be over-priced and is not good for families. Perfect for us in many ways. It is fixed up to super deluxe levels EXCEPT the kitchen which has crappy appliances and counter-tops but then I guess we could select what we want. The lot is pretty, perched on a steep hill over looking a nice valley. Not many flower beds though but I could fix that. No neighbors at all.

I was up bright and early for a 22 mile bike ride going past a flock of turkeys. The hummingbird moths are back though I've yet to get a good picture this year of them. From the side, they look just like miniature hummingbirds. I am seeing the clearwing variety. Last year, in the evening, one night things were covered with sphinx moths. 


Elephant's Child said...

What a mixture that house is. The shower is indeed weird shaped, and the first floor is stunning. A tired kitchen is a worry though. How far is it from your grandbabies?
And only you and Steve can decide.
I only learned about the spinx moth today - and they are stunners aren't they?

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

It will be 20 miles from Maya, 30 miles from Allie, and 35 miles from the other 3

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...
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Teri Bernstein said...

Decisions! You'll figure it out. Where's the guest room? LOL.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

The guest room(s) are in the lowest level with the sauna room and the hot tub room. Coming for a visit soon? (hope..hope)


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