Monday, August 18, 2014

Daniel turns five

Here's our little guy 5 years ago. He was about 6 weeks premature. Although he had a strong sucking reflex, his oxygen levels would drop as he tried to feed thus the nasal cannula

Five years later
Daniel's big birthday bash will be this weekend at a bouncy castle place though he is well aware that today is his birthday. We made the long ride to Boston 5 years ago while his mom was in labor. An ultrasound had them readjust his original due date 9-27 to 9-11 due to his size so it appeared he would only be a few weeks early. However when he was born, despite him being the size of a fullterm infant, his lungs struggled to clear all the fluids in his lungs. He spent 8 days in a level 2 nursery in an oxygen tent for the first part. Shanna went home without him.

He obviously recovered from his rocky beginnings.

After a summer of non-stop activities, I finally had the sinking feeling of what next? last Thursday. I spent it watching TV catching up with Last Tango in Halifax. Halifax is the city in Yorkshire where my English ancestor came from so I got to see the area on TV at least. I didn't learn this until after my visit to York 7 years ago.

But soon I found things to occupy me. Shanna and her children spent Friday and part of Saturday with us. The kids all went swimming in Naomi's pool. Although rain prevented my early start to my long bicycle ride, I finally went out in the middle of the day on my newly repaired bicycle. Then house hunting at open houses. I found things wrong with all of them. A visit with Josh's family and then I resumed my watching of Orange is the New Black at a friend's house.

Today was cool enough  for a long run in the country.

Josh hates this photo as Allie looks ghoulish. She is sucking on an ice cube that is inside a cotton bag. It makes her teething gums feel much better. Just try to take this away from her, even to replace the ice cube

More of my cosmos are in bloom though I think my zinnias and cleome are crowding them out.

birthday boy on the tire swing the other day

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Elephant's Child said...

You are always busy. And pack such a lot of magic into your days. And no, I am not including house-hunting as magic.


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