Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shop til we drop

I loved this number in the first store we went to. Naomi would rock it.

Pretty butterfly mobile in an over priced store in an over priced mall
Yesterday was dress shopping day. Not for me but for one of the Moms, who will be The Mother-of-the-Groom. As she does not have multiple kids with multiple weddings, unlike you-know-who, she wants this dress to be special. Two of us tagged along as consultants though my fashion sense is close to zero. But I can step and fetch it and do up hard to reach zippers.

First stop, a wedding palace that seemed to have good prices though located in a dreary suburb. First lesson learned: sizes in wedding palaces run a whole lot smaller than in other clothing stores. Still a blow to ones ego when suddenly you need a much larger size. Not that I have ever personally tried anything on in these places but I have helped my thin daughters buy three (3!!!) wedding dresses. No real wedding dress for yours truly as I thought they were a waste of money. Also nix-nay on being given away, having Steve spend 3 months salary on a ring and all those other trappings. I remember my aunt regarding my diamondless ring with pity saying that maybe in the future when my husband was earning a bit more money, he could afford a diamond (nevermind that we both had 'professional' salaries). But we found a few good candidates so were hopeful.

On to the luxury mall full of designer stores and the priciest department stores. I have managed to avoid this place for years but it was an interesting adventure. Despite the size, pickings were few. We did have a nice lunch however. The M of the G heard of another wedding palace that hopefully was nearby but due to construction and rush hour traffic, we didn't get there until it was about to close (though they gave us an extra 30 minutes). We then turned into an  efficient  dress hunting machine. We divided the store into sectors for us each to find potential candidates. Then as one would ready the dress, the other would help the M of the G get into it, photos would be taken (which can not be shared) and then on to the next. A clear winner emerged but it is still early in the process. Then a coffee break and then the long drive home.

It was fun. In between, lots of laughter and story telling. A good day. 


Teri Bernstein said...

Love that dress that Naomi would "rock"! Maybe some day she will be mother of the bride!

Elephant's Child said...

Love the 'rocking' dress.
I have almost total sales resistance where clothing it concerned (books and plants are another issue entirely).
Your day sounds close to torture to me - but I am glad that it seems success is nigh.


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