Monday, August 4, 2014

Medical mysteries

I love cleomes. Have them in white and purple too. Too bad they smell like skunks

Obedience plant in the rock garden. Have a white one in bloom also

Gentians. In Italy, I had the most bitter liquor made from them: genzi or gentiana. Ugh!

Last of my lilies. Their intense clove aroma covers up all the cleome's stinkiness
I love medical mysteries. In the NY Times magazine, they feature one every other week so we can all play Dr. House. The scariest one recently is a woman who showed up on death's door barely able to lift her head. After much sleuthing, it was determined that she had tularemia, a bacterial infection carried by rabbits. She had rabbits in her yard but never had direct contact. Ticks? Fleas? Mosquitoes? Somehow it jumped from a rabbit to her. People have gotten it by accidentally running over a dead rabbit with their lawn mower.

So maybe I should not have let bitsy bunny smell my feet. Bitsy bunny is nearly adult sized now. And Murderous Cat never moved away with the renters. I saw it today.

I do have a few friends with medical mysteries of their own.

Another person stopped  me today to tell me that I seem to be shrinking. Oh if it were only true!
I ran and biked today. That should keep my inner nag quiet for awhile.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love your garden.
Loathe the medical mysteries. Hopefully a Sherlock Holmes or two will come to the rescue.


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