Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pool days

Although it was cool out yesterday, the water was warm

Tess had a life jacket which tended to make her fall backwards 

Allie enjoying feeding herself spaghetti

at the park

We had a day and night with the kids yesterday. We are so lucky that they live near by. A trip to the playground, then the pool, and then a pizza dinner. Tessa fell asleep watching the hummingbirds feed. Biggest problem? Regulating screen time and who had the most time with the beloved iPad.
They are smiling here

Today I picked up my bike. They reported that several of my back spokes were broken and that I must have hit something very hard to have done that to a new bike. I don't recall that. I've been riding my old bike all last week.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love those happy faces.
And glad that whatever it was that you hit didn't take you down and caused inconvenience rather than the alternatives.


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