Friday, August 8, 2014

Imaginary frenemies

Ms Maya and Grandpa
I suppose many 4 year olds have imaginary friends, especially only children (though every weekend she spends time with a sort of step-sister her age). But Maya's imaginary friend is more of an enemy as she seems to be always hitting her. Her friend also doesn't have a very imaginative name: it is Maya though she refers to herself as Maya Rose. (I guess I can't fault her for not coming up with a better name; for years I had a cat named Black Kitty).  Also for Tess and Maya, all babies are named Allie.
A typical exchange:

Mama, Maya hit me.
Well tell her to stop.
Mama says don't hit me Maya.

The other day, when Shanna and her kids were over, we suddenly hear:

Maya is a dumb bitch!!!

Well dear Readers, we laughed though I know that wasn't the proper response as it just encourages bad behavior but we couldn't help ourselves. But then let the accusing fingers start pointing! Naomi claims never to speak that way in front of our little parrot but of course, can't speak for Maya's  father. Bad TV shows? Yet another reminder to Maya about bad words.

Bad word that I use that Oliver is very quick to point out its badness: stupid.

This word got me in trouble many years ago with my Grandfather. I was only 8 and very surprised and hurt by his reaction. I wasn't even referring to a person as 'stupid' but a thing or an idea (which I guess would be bad grammar) Still he very sternly told me how ugly that word was and he never wanted to hear it from me again. Meanwhile his son, my father, spewed out all kinds of garbage that must have broke his heart. He would be quick to reprimand him too but to no good effect.

My bicycle ride today was quite the disappointment. I finally turned around hoping to now enjoy the downhill and a tailwind when I noticed I was struggling to go more than 8 mph. WTF? A very thin wire was protruding from the tire. After several frustrating phone calls, I finally got a hold of Steve to rescue me. I've gone miles and miles without a flat so I guess it was time, even with a new bike. I'd get them every thousand miles or so with my road bike (lack of tread makes them vulnerable). The bike needs an adjustment anyway and I do have the old bike. Most memorable flat? When I went up into the mountains in San Diego county long before cell phones and real phones were very far apart in the sparsely populated eastern part of the county. I knew I was about 3 miles from a phone after I found a cactus needle or some spiny wooden thing protruding from the flat tire. I was only about a minute into my running with a bike trek when I was rescued by a kind couple with a pick-up truck, who drove 5 miles out of their way to drop me off at a bike shop.

Before the flat, I happened to go by the heartbreak house M and S. Today was the day we were to have possession according to the contract we rescinded. No sign of them moving or doing anything about the septic field. But as the new buyer's appraisal came in high, not much hope for that deal to fall through. I have also decided to put all this house hunting stuff on hold (note singular first person; this is not shared with a certain someone). Also I don't want to move to Chelsea no matter how pretty and affordable it is. If we didn't have grandbabies, then maybe I would.

For the past week, I've been at the pool with the grandbabies. It is just across the road and I should use it more. On warm days, it feels so good to be in those cool waters.

What to look forward to? Well tomorrow a pig roast at my biking companion of 2 years ago (Rastaman) house. Sunday, Tessa get baptized. And I have our big trip to plan.....

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Elephant's Child said...

My eldest brother had an imaginary stove. And my mother raised quite a few eyebrows on public transport when she asked other passengers not to sit on Will's stove. It was very nearly as real to the rest of the family as it was to him.
I hope Maya's friend develops better manners.


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