Thursday, August 21, 2014


Someone with true trypophobia could not stand to look at this photo from my niece of La Sagrada Famiglia ceiling

This lotus I took in the Montreal Botanical Gardens 4 years ago. Once its pretty petals fall off, a seed pod forms in the middle that someone will photograph and then photoshop to someone's skin to evoke nausea

From the Ann Arbor News: an injured snapping turtle was rescued. Before it died, it laid 51 eggs which most of them hatched. Not quite holes but still would make someone with trypophobia queasy
Recently on Facebook, a virus filled photo of a lotus pod photoshopped to skin or a breast appeared on various people's walls. I am sure that none of my friends would post this hideous picture (to see it, google image search lotus pod skin or trypophobia but beware, you will feel nauseous) but some how, peoples' friends' lists can be hijacked (why won't Facebook stop this?). The  repulsive image was burnt into my mind for the rest of the day.

 It turns out that I was not unique. Many people reported the same feeling. Trypophobia is the fear of holes in skin. Some can't look at any pictures of holes such as honeycombs or a strawberry skin. I know I got sick seeing photos of Chinese hornet victims (survivors would have pencil size lesions in their skin). I guess this revulsion leads to the avoidance of people with potentially contagious diseases.

Even 'normal' holes in the skin are treated with disgust. Notice how many pore minimizer products there are out there? I used to spackle foundation over my face until not a pore could be detected. Now I don't because I can't see my pores. I don't think they disappeared but my near vision is shot (along with everyone's over 45 or so) so my skin, except for some wrinkles appears smooth now.

It never did rain here yesterday despite the forecast.  I enjoyed my bicycle ride. Later we watched two of Shanna's kids. I was told I was the 'worst grandma ever' because I insisted that the kids play outside well away from the TV. Now it is very muggy so I am not looking forward to my run. But then, a nice lunch, hopefully outside before the rain, with a friend.

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Elephant's Child said...

My parents were obviously the worst parents in the world for very similar reasons.
Trypophobia is not one of mine. I find things like the lotus bud fascinating - where they belong. Which is not on a person's skin.


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