Monday, August 25, 2014

Bad will house hunting

Some photos I took  of Italy. Maybe if I look at them more, I will get more psyched to go.
This is Manarola  in the Cinque Terre region


Gagliano Aterno where I stayed for almost 6 weeks

In about 6 weeks, we will be on our way to Italy. Where to go? The bottom two photos are in Southern Italy. We will be mostly in Northern Italy. Steve has never been in Florence so we will go there and I never went to Venice.

What has been distracting me is Steve's insistence that we find another house. It will have to be pretty spectacular for me to drop all my plans and move. We went to two open houses yesterday: one not far from the Moose and Squirrel home but closer to the expressway that I want to stay away from. Plus the inside is uglier than what we have now. The owners want to move into our neighborhood. Steve agreed that the house was no good.

The other house was fantastic but very pricey. I agreed to go because it was built by hand by the father of Josh's best friend. He sunk way too much money into it with all his custom this and that. Cherry hardwood floors for instance. He was forced to foreclose on it 5 years ago. Josh at that point was begging us to buy it as it was quite the bargain. But I was battling cancer at the time and not prepared to move. Now it is twice the price as the new owners paid. Still beautiful but far away and out of our price bracket (Steve disagrees). I went there mainly as a voyeur.

Naomi came over last night all panicky because her phone froze and needed to reboot using my computer. I wish I watched what she was doing because the computer was loaded with malware this morning. It took me more than an hour to remove it. So far I think I cleaned most of the mess up but she is just so careless with everything. She has broken so many phones (never her fault she would say) and effed up several computers. She was able to start her phone again but everything is gone and of course she didn't back things up.

Hot and humid today on my least scheduled day. I've got lots of plans for the rest of the week. Today I will chill out in our cool lower level and watch Blue Jasmine.


Elephant's Child said...

Love the photos of Italy.
Loathe house hunting. A vile procedure. Good luck.

Holly said...

I love Italy. I hope you have a great trip! And, for the record - house buying and selling and moving is so much hassle - I'm with you, stay put for now!!


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