Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Grandbabies redux

Maya and the bicycle rack

At the fair the other day

Tess and her brothers
I am again an election day widow. Steve was already asleep when I came home not all that late last night and disappeared before 6 this morning before I woke up. The polls closed an hour ago but sometimes they need to stay for a few hours later to make sure there are no discrepancies.

Last night I was with a friend treated to zucchini fritters, grilled chicken, strawberry salad and margaritas while watching the antics of a doe and her fawn in the yard. They would stand as still as could be then suddenly bolt for a few feet and then stop. Hummingbirds, a hummingbird moth and then fireflies, late from them to still be out but such strange weather we've had this year. I love summer nights but they are getting sadly shorter. Thunderstorms this morning but I was able to get a run in anyway.

Tuesdays are library days. Maya is so excited to go but still she is a bit nervous in groups. She does love her aunt and cousins who come too.  As Ramy is out of town, Shanna and her kids stayed the day as did Maya. Later Naomi joined us. It was fun watching the girls interact.

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Elephant's Child said...

And, sometime, could we see photos of the deer and fawn please? They are exotica to me, and melt my heart.


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