Saturday, March 15, 2014

Walking to Manhattan

A cherry cheese knish
Over the many years and visits to NYC, I've run across most of the major bridges though all were in races: the Verrazano, George Washington, Henry Hudson, Queensboro and a few into the Bronx and back but not the most pedestrian friendly: The Brooklyn Bridge. Well cross one off the bucket list.

We were dropped off at the Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo, the latter being an acronym for down under Manhattan bridge overpass, not sure of that last word and most of it seems under the BB. Lots of piers and vista points to see lower Manhattan, the bridges, Statue of Liberty along with ferries, public art, native plantings, art galleries, etc. A pretty day, much better than the previous day when we had aborted our under the Verrazano walk due to really uncomfortable wind chills.

It was late in the day when we decided to walk across the bridge. The sun was starting to set, the lights on the bridge came on. The walkway is suspended over the car lanes and is divided into bike and pedestrian lanes though both yesterday were quite crowded. Aside from the many tourists, commuters were hurriedly making their way through the slow sight see-ers. The buildings sparkled in the light especially the new World Trade Center. So pretty! Photos to follow but the good ones will have to wait until we have access to a computer (soon!).

We made it to lower Manhattan. What to do? The stiff wind had been on our backs but now we would be facing it. Plus it would be at least 2 miles to the train in Brooklyn though seeing all the buildings light up during the sunset would be great. Still Steve had no gloves ( nor did I but I am much more tolerant of cold). 
Trains are plentiful in lower Manhattan but ones going in a useful direction for us, not so much. There are two systems, the numbered trains and the lettered trains without convenient points of intersection. The closest lettered train still was closed due to Sandy damage. After some walking in circles, we were finally able to get a hold of Steve's brother for advice and soon we took the A train which crosses the desired F somewhere in Brooklyn. After our slightly late Shabbas meal deliciously prepared by my sister in law, I was exhausted. I had run for more than an hour earlier in the day and then walked for almost 3 later.

It is the middle of the night. Just because I am somewhere else doesn't stop the insomnia. It is quiet though I can occasionally hear the train. When the downsized storm Vulcan came a couple of nights ago, the strong winds set off car alarms. so sleep, fuhgetabodit!

This is another world much different than Michigan. Appetizing is used as a noun often such as Avenue P Appetizing. It's a store to buy lox and other things to serve guests. We've gone out for babkas and cherry cheese knishes, the latter to bring back to the kids. I am not sure if one could still buy egg creams at the diner. Somethings are changing.

 Drivers honk incessantly. Someone followed my brother in law the other day honking to prod him to go over the speed limit. As soon as traffic stops for any reason, the honking begins. Ramy's brother brought his NYC ways back to Michigan and got a ticket for honking too much. There is no turn on red because drivers can not be trusted not to run people over. My runs up and down Ocean Parkway crossing-the Alphabet avenues are scary sometimes with cars zipping cross my path with no regard for my safety. And drivers are just crazy dangerous..a car stopped suddenly in the middle lane of the Belt, cut Cross a lane to drive on the grass to get to the exit he missed. At night, we have been watching movies, the last movie being Dallas Buyers Club. Good acting but mixed messages in the plot.

Getting tired...finally.
It was so cold walking along this facing the wind. We turned back in a NY minute

My swiss chard/bacon quiche at The Farm restaurant in Ditmas Park

My running path. Ocean Parkway goes north from the ocean for 5 miles lined with trees and paths on both sides.
The alphabet streets are perpendicular

chocolate babka. I prefer it without the mystery yellow stuff

sculpture next to bridge  Not sure what they are pointing at

locks at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Lovers throw away the keys

Interesting Dumbo pizza building
Our ride home. Should have taken the photo when we first got on and were packed in like sardines but couldn't move my arms The further from the city, the less crowded

View from the bridge Largest building: new World Trade Center

Me on our walk

From the park
Looking north back into Brooklyn. You can see the BQE and The Esplanade where I first wanted to go for the views but this park is so much better 
Dumbo bench

Tiny spot is Statue of Liberty
Gehry building looks the tallest here but just is closer than the WTC

My new favorite which we called the wavy building.
Designed by Gehry

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