Monday, March 3, 2014


My unsymmetrical IKEA clock. The tiles can be arranged in many ways but the end result is very fragile. I had to put it together too many frustrating times
Still I am forced to use IE for this blog as I can't use Chrome to open my posts.

As I have whined before, cancer has left me with one  tiny  hard-as-a-rock breast up there and a huge floppy breast down there. A nude of me would be Picasso-esque. However I was under the delusion that my underwire bras concealed all sorts of cosmetic ills. Recently I looked at some photos of myself, something I really avoid doing, and was horrified to learn that I present myself to the world so crookedly. Some of the bras do work but many times, they have not. No one has pointed this out to me so either they are polite or truly did not notice. I suppose I could get this fixed but so many things are on the list above it.

Our 2-4 inches of snow yesterday turned out be 6.
And today we have wind chills of 12 below, on my long run day.

Oscar night was fun dissing the unusually ugly, bland dresses this year. Ellen started off well but then lost me while she spent too much time feeding the front rows pizza and then collecting money for it. I would leave all that out and show more of the movies.
The world out my window

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Holly said...

Sue - I had the same asymmetrical breasts. Had the old droopy one reduced and lifted and while not perfect- it is a vast improvement. Healing was easy and I'd do it again in a flash!


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