Saturday, March 8, 2014


Above are our overnight guests with Oliver enrapt with the iPad.

The term jaywalking came from the land of the Jayhawks. Apparently, in the Midwest during the early 20th century, to do something 'jay' was to do something stupid though it was first applied to jaydriving. Presumably they are cracking down on jaywalking in NYC. We shall see as we will be there next week. In Ann Arbor, it is legal and very common. Within the last year, the city has tried to make the place more pedestrian friendly by requiring drivers to stop if it looks like a pedestrian is any where near a crosswalk. This caused many accidents especially on busy roads in which a driver thought a ped was trying to cross but the driver behind him didn't think so. This has been since amended to say the ped must actually be in the crosswalk. And near schools or on busy streets, they have flashing yellow lights indicating the driver better stop. But in what universe does flashing yellow mean stop? Only in Ann Arbor. One of these flashing yellow lights isn't far from my window. When it is warm, I could hear "caution, drivers might not stop" all day. They now have special patrols to enforce the yellow lights. There is about 50% compliance at the one near my window as the drivers think they are on an entrance ramp to a nearby freeway.

Yesterday started at 2 degrees and ended up at 42..almost tropical. The snow mountains are gradually melting but pot holes are expanding and multiplying. It was even warmer where Josh lives where we were watching Ms. Allie, precious as ever, for the day. I did get a nice run in on the nearby Huron Valley trail.

The boys came shortly after we came home so that their parents could have a date night. As they have an early bedtime (the boys), I left to go to  a marathon House of Cards session. Is there anyone who isn't evil on that show? Darker and darker.

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