Monday, March 10, 2014

Rainbow cookies

On the Coney Island boardwalk
Rainbow cookie cake

lobster tails 

had a lobster roll at Nathan's  Steve had clam chowder

parachute jump Hasn't been operational for years. Steve's mother jumped down from it in the forties

Trying to publish anything on an iPad is an exercise in futility. It took me forever to figure out how to download photos yet I can't edit them. I will have to wait until we can get home to make this pretty. Daylight savings early this year making it extra hard to get up for our long trip to NYC. But we had good weather and traffic so we got here in 10 hours despite eating in Toledo and the middle of no where Pennsylvania. So many times we have made this trip with little kids, big kids, big kids and their significant others but not for almost two years. Still it was a thrill to see the city going down the big hill in NJ.

We took a walk along the boardwalk after visiting an Italian bakery to get rainbow cookies and lobster tails pictured above. Since Hurricane Sandy destroyed so much, a lot was rebuilt. It was the Golden Hour. So pretty. We ate in Nathan's..lobster roll for me; clam chowder for Steve. Time to go back to share dessert with Steve's brother and sister. So, so tired!

This morning,  running the Brooklyn alphabet (effing A, effing B, effing C..).  Went from Avenue O to Avenue Z and almost a mile beyond on Ocean Parkway, a tree lined boulevard with bike paths on both sides. No ice, just piles of dirty snow. the weather is a day delayed and about fifteen degrees warmer in general. Winter storm warning for Ann Arbor Wednesday. When will winter be over?

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