Friday, March 7, 2014

Ruby Slippers

What little girl doesn't want ruby slippers? These are not so orange as the photo makes them
Maya would have preferred the purple sparkly ones but they only had them in big sizes. They should match her X-mas dress.

Baby sitting today: first Allie as her daycare is closed yet again. This time because it is a day off for the local school district. IMHO they should look elsewhere. Later Shanna and Ramy have a date night so we will have the boys and the other grandma will have Tessa.

Triple workout yesterday. Run, weights, and an hour of yoga: all at the Y. I wish this yoga instructor taught the class at the other place. I haven't gone back.

And I finally straightened out the insurance issue. Yay.

They keep scaling back our warming trend. Still it just might go above freezing this afternoon. Maybe I can get a short run in while Allie naps. (Steve will be with me)

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