Monday, March 24, 2014

Mud slide

Whitehorse Mountain just a few miles from a deadly mudslide Saturday between Darrington and Oso WA
killing 8 people. Some are still missing

On the last full day we were in the Pacific Northwest last August, we went for a long drive looking for Mt. Baker, the tallest of the mountains in the North Cascades at 10,800 ft. Even though it was sunny the few clouds seemed to always obscure our view. We had spent a few hours in the beautiful town of La Conner (probably even more beautiful now as it is surrounded by fields of blooming flowers-dormant when we were there) and then went for a long loop that looked short on the map but long when you are crammed into the backseat that consisted of Rte 20 aka North Cascade Highway and Route 530 stopping to take photos of the non-volcanic peaks, above being the prettiest. Despite an unusually dry winter (not for us at 91 inches now), the NW is now getting plenty of rain, so much that the ground became saturated causing a mudslide that swept over at least 8 houses and an unknown amount of vehicles on route 530 (our path!).

The high will be 20 something today. At least it won't be windy and despite our sump pump going noisily around the clock, it should be dry. Today is the first step towards fixing our house. First obstacle: the workers want access to our attic located in a crowded closet and a painted over shelf that needs to be removed.

Yesterday was a very low key day. No exercise, no getting things done except for some minor house cleaning. A visit from Naomi (no Maya as she was at a party on Dontae's side) An uneasy talk with Naomi to what she's been up to. Do I really want to know? Just hope, hope good decisions are being made. A good talk with an old friend.

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